Naeim Rahimzadeh

Full-stack Java/ReactJS Developer
June 22, 1998


I’m Naeim, a dedicated web developer with a strong passion for Java and extensive expertise in its key frameworks, including Hibernate, Spring, and Maven. Additionally, I have solid experience with ReactJS for front-end development. I am eager to embrace new challenges in a new country and am enthusiastic about the opportunity to work in a new country.

Iran - willing to relocate
Software kennis
Java, Hibernate, Spring, Maven, Git, PostgreSQL, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ReactJS, Rest APIs



Jahad University of Gilan
HBO Software Engineering

I graduated as a software engineer with a GPA of 4.29.


Java/Spring Bootcamp Intern 2021-09-01 - 2022-03-22
Maktab Sharif

Teheran, Iran

As a software engineering intern in a bootcamp focused on real project tasks, I gained diverse experience in Java and its primary frameworks, including Hibernate, Maven, and Spring. I developed a solid core knowledge of the language, covering OOP, generics, and multi-threading. Additionally, I worked with PostgreSQL for RDBMS management. My exposure to front-end development included basic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, along with the ReactJS framework, which I further refined in subsequent roles.

Full-stack Web Developer 2024-04-24 - 2024-06-18

Vancouver, Canada

As a remote full-stack developer, I expertly manage a robust backend system using Java, Gradle, Dropwizard, and MySQL. On the frontend, I leverage ReactJS and Redux to debug, enhance functionality, and ensure code quality. I maintain seamless version control and collaborative efficiency through Git, consistently delivering high-quality, scalable solutions.